Ordinance 2019-4 ATV/UTV Routes and operation

Ordinance 2019-02 Manure Transfer Equipment Permit

Permit Ordinance 2019-01 Manure Transfer Equipment
- 2019-1 Manure Transfer Equipment Ordinance Annual Permit Application

Ordinance 2017-2 Designating All Terrain Vehicle Routes and Regulating the Operation of All-Terrain Vehicles within the Town of Chilton

Ordinance 2017-01 Operate Golf Carts on Public Roads within Town of Chilton

Snowplowing Policy


Draft Zoning Ordinance


Town of Chilton
Town Board Meeting
March 26, 2012

Chairman John Schwarz called the meeting to order at 8:00 p.m. and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited.  In attendance were the Town Board(Dave Gasch was absent), Paul Birschbach and Jonathan Bartz.
Paul provided a handout for the permits he thought would be required for the zoning ordinance.  He was told that large wind turbines were regulated by a separate Town ordinance, or will be controlled by the State.
Paul said that proof of residency is included in the building permit so there is no reason to double up on that fee.
The Town Board agreed that this would be handled the same as building permits are now with the Town receiving $20 for each permit.
The following fees were set:
Sign permit = $70
Conditional Use permit = $325
Zoning Amendment or Rezoning = $650 - this also needs to be approved by the County
Variance - Board of Appeals = $425
A Conditional Use permit is held by the Plan Commission and requires a Class I notice (7-14 days before meeting)
A Zoning Amendment or Rezoning request is held by the Plan Commission and requires a Class II notice (published twice, with a 14 and minimum 7 day notice before the meeting)
A variance request is held by the Zoning Board of Appeals and also requires a Class II notice.
Tim Lau made a motion to approve all fees set for Administration and Enforcement of the Town of Chilton Zoning Ordinance, second by Andy Pethan, motion carried.
Jon Bartz also suggested the Town Board look into granting a conditional use permit to all existing non-farm residents at the time of adoption of the zoning ordinance
Tim Lau made a motion to adjourn at 9:40 p.m., second by Andy Pethan, motion carried.
Respectfully submitted,
Doug Koffarnus, Clerk