Trash & Recycle

Town of Chilton

2021 Trash & Recycle
Large Item Drop Off: May 15th & August 14th
Tire Drop-Off:  June 12th



Trash and Recycle will be picked up on WEDNESDAY.

Cans should be ready for curbside pickup at 6:00am

Town of Chilton will be picked up all on one day.

There is NO split between North & South.

The town has approved to have an additional day

added for recycle pickup that will be a part of our recycling grant.

Schedule is noted on the back and can be found on the


Any questions, contact the Clerk at 920-849-4720

        Trash                         Recycle

January                      13, 27                          6,20

February                    10,24                          3,17

March                         10, 24                         3,17,31

April                           7,21                             14,28

May                             5,19                             12,26

June                           3,16,30                       9,23

July                             14,28                          7,21

August                       11,25                           4,18

September                9,22                           1,15,29

October                      6,20                           13,27

November                 3,17                            10,24

December                 1,15,29                       8,22


*South of Hickory Hills – Trash will be picked up on January 2nd to complete the 2020 schedule.

*A holiday may reflect a Thursday pickup.

*Remember: Please have your cans ready for a 6:00am pickup.

Watch to this quick informational video to help your family understand what should be recycled.   Recycle Video