Dog Tax

Here is some information to clarify the dog tax collection in the Town of Chilton. The Town offers free dog tags as a way to make sure every dog in the Town is vaccinated. The Town has to pay the County by April 1st as per State Rule. To receive a free dog tag the following rules have to be followed.

It is the OWNER’S respoinsibility to send in proof of vaccination of each dog to the Town Treasurer, David Gasch, N4962 McHugh Road, Chilton, WI 53014 by March 31st and you will receive a free dog license.

Dave will keep record of your dog’s vaccination, good for 3 years, but each year he needs to know if you still have the dog, otherwise the Town will be purchasing tags for nonexistent dogs.

Sending in either a proof of vaccination or a note that you still require a dog tag along with your taxes works great. After April 1st you will pay $8 for a whole dog license or $3 for a neutered or spayed dog license.